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Giving gift has been practiced all over the world , knowing what a bliss it is to everyone and anyone to actually being care and love, to receive gift and giving gift to someone so dear to us. Here in Florassom, we would love to be part of your gift giving love story!

Why Hire Us?

Of All Florist and Gift Shop Around,

Why Us?

Very Affordable

Our price is very competitive and we always give a good promotion to our beloved repeat customer.

For Everyone

We have gift selection for everyone, you can choose and customised, it is more relevant to hire us for your beloved ones.

Last Minute Order

We accept last minute order wink. We understand you overlook special events. Fret not, we are here for you.


You can custom made and request your own wish, theme, color, design and other kind of stuff related to our gift product.

Happy Team

We have a very happy go lucky team to entertain your order. Anytime you contact us, we are happy to be there.

Safe Information

Delivery for your crush? We got your back! All your information is safe with us. Order with peace of mind.

Meet Your Florist 👋

My Name is Syaf!

Yes, that is me in the picture. Cute heh? I really, really love getting immersed in decorating and designing bouquets and gifts for others. There were days, I did not even noticed I have not been eating from morning to the other morning. Worry not, my stomach is very “kebal”, I never get any gastric nor other sickness just yet for this habit, its like an approval to be working non stop doing extra miles for you guys.

Jokes aside, I really enjoy doing my job, trying to fulfill your request to send any kind of bouquets for your beloved ones. The smile and happy surprised I see when delivering your order, worth every second, hours and days doing them. And I do wish all of you are satisfied with my work! Also, I humbly needs and accept any constructive criticism to improve my service and gift in the future.

Keep in Touch With Us!

Florassom’s News!

We always appreciate our followers with special promotions and new design of gift and bouquets. Do not missed any of our great news to blossoms your day!

What We Do

We might be small, but we are also mighty in doing and expanding our scope of job, to provide the best for you.

Floral & Bouquet

We decorate variety range of bouquets, and we can certainly do floral arrangement according to your needs.


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We can decorate all kind of gifts for you.


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We will arrange the delivery for you for areas in Melaka, but if the charge is reasonable, we can accept other part of places.


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Corporate Gifting

We can plan and deliver your corporate request for events and gifts.


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We decorates your surprise plan and events. 


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Hundreds of Happy Customers
We ♡ Love You !

Kenal dan guna servis delivery Florassom dari dulu lagi, hari ni datang pop up booth pilih sendiri bunga, memang puas hati. Boleh request dan harga pun murah.

Puan Felina – Melaka

Banyak pilihan dan owner Florassom kreatif dalam menyelesaikan request yang diberi. Nak custom made boleh.

Encik Aniq – Selangor

Dah beberapa kali repeat order bouquet dengan delivery sekali dari owner Florassom ni. Always on time dan tak pernah mengecewakan. Recommended sangat.

Puan Maria – Melaka

Masih gunakan khidmat bouquet dan delivery dari Florassom walaupun dah pindah Johor Bahru. Delivery mahal sebab jauh tapi puas hati.

Cik Ana – Johor

Our Happy Collaborations

We got the utmost privileges working in long term and short term for few events, occasion, gifting and also featuring with other brands to add value with our services.

Amazing Projects

Happy Clients


Repeat Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Away!

We tried to compile all range of questions that clients always asked few times, to ease you in decision making process.

Which Area Can You Deliver?

We deliver all around Melaka and Muar. If you have other places to hire us, we can always consider if the job scope and fee given is reasonable for us to arrange our time and sources.

Can We Custom Made The Bouquet?

Absolutely! We always try to fulfill our client’s request regarding design, colors, what kind of bouquet and also occasions.

How Much Is Delivery Fee?

We charge based on places, depending on where you want us to deliver, we will check the location and inform you, ranges from RM5 and above.

Do You Accept Last Minute Order?

Contrary to others, we do happily accept last minute order, we do understand sometimes we do overlook the timing for certain occasion. Sometimes, last minute event also comes up. We are here for you!

Don’t Wait Anymore!

Don’t Let Me Pose Alone, Order Now!

Somestimes, I decorate new bouquet and pose with it on my own. I want to deliver your bouquet and pose with your beloved ones with smile on their face after getting the bouquet I made according to your request kiss